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Wood Fuel

Information on the different types of biomass fuel available.

A handful of wood pellets.

Wood Pellets

  • Wood pellets are the easiest to handle of the wood fuel types.
  • They are much more controllable than logs.
  • Pellet boilers can run automatically in much the same way that gas or oil boilers operate. Most pellet and chip burners use automatic fuel feeders which refill them at regular intervals.
  • Pellets also take up less space in a fuel store than wood chips or logs.
  • Pellets produce less ash than wood chips or logs.
  • Pellets tend to be more expensive than wood chips or logs although still cheaper than fossil fuels.
  • Pellets are now widely available in bulk or bagged across the UK

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Pellet Storage Advice

To ensure you get hassle-free heat from your pellet boiler, it is important that your storage and handling system is correctly designed and constructed.  This ensures that pellets arrive in your boiler in the best state to achieve optimum burning to give you economical, trouble-free heating and hot water.

You should consider the biggest store you can afford or have space for as this will enable you to buy pellets cheaper.

Learn from over twenty years of wood pellet experiences in Germany with top tips on wood pellet fuel stores in this video from the UK Pellet Council. We’ve listed short cuts to specific topics for your convenience.


  • Access & location of store                           1.39 min
  • Sizing of the store                                        3.49 min
  • Design for pellet delivery                           5.16 min
  • Summary of good pellets store design    8.54 min

Bulk Fuel Discount

£50 discount on all bulk fuel deliveries from supplier Forever Fuels when Pellets 2 Heat certify your bulk fuel store.


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Wood Pellet Fuel truck

We are experienced installers trained to provide pellet storage solutions to suit you.

Every site is different and at Pellets 2 Heat we are used to finding the most appropriate and cost effective storage for your wood pellets.

If your your home is under construction or renovation, we are happy to discuss details with your architect or project manager.

Wood Chips

  • Wood chips can be easier to obtain in some local areas and some people can even self-supply if they can source the wood.
  • Wood chips are generally delivered in bulk using a tipper lorry or digger and require greater storage space than wood pellets.
  • Biomass boilers using wood chips will require a greater volume of fuel and more storage space.
  • For these reasons wood chip fuelled boilers are often most suited to commercial settings.

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Image of woodchips
image of a log pile


  • Log-burning stoves and boilers have to be filled with wood by hand and require considerably more work.
  • Consider the storage space required – you will need space to store logs that are ready to use, logs that are drying/seasoning, and potentially space to process (cut and split) raw lumber.
  • You will need a lot of logs to heat a whole house but they can be suitable for heating smaller spaces.
  • They can be cheaper than pellets if you have a good local supply, particularly if you can store a large quantity to season for year first.

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Fuel price comparison

Considering that 85% of the life cost of a heating system is in the fuel it is not surprising that it is possible to make significant financial savings in your annual heating bill by switching to an affordable wood-pellet boiler system*.

Replacing an old and inefficient oil or gas boiler with a new efficient wood pellet boiler will also reduce the amount of fuel used, contributing to even greater financial savings.

Whilst all fuel prices vary over time the cost of wood pellets has been very stable, and only risen slightly over the last five years despite huge growth in the market. It is expected to remain stable over the next 3-5 years.

Wood pellets are a fuel that many homes and businesses are benefiting from now and so could you.

*data from Nov. 2014

  • Wood Chips 3.1p per kWh 33% 33%
  • Wood Pellets (Bulk) 3.9p per kWh 41% 41%
  • Heating Oil 4.5p per kWh 47% 47%
  • Wood Pellets (Bagged) 4.6p per kWh 48% 48%
  • Natural Gas 5.2p per kWh 55% 55%
  • LPG 5.7p per kWh 60% 60%
  • Electricity 15.4p per kWh 100% 100%