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Service and Repair

Information on having your biomass boiler serviced or repaired.

Servicing your boiler

Biomass boilers require periodic servicing and maintenance to ensure maximum operating efficiency. Depending on the type of boiler installed there will be different levels of maintenance required. Some manufacturers will require service by authorised technicians to maintain warranty cover.

All biomass boilers produce some ash and this will need emptying. Typically this will need to be done monthly during the winter, but systems are available that compact the ash to extend intervals to as much as six-months in some cases. Ash can be easily disposed of in compost or spread on the garden as fertilizer.

Most of our biomass boilers have automatic cleaning so that only an annual service is required. This will typically cover:

  • Control, lubrication, and adjustment of any moving parts.
  • Complete cleaning of the heat exchanger and flue.
  • Replacement of wearing parts such as motor brushes or igniters (only when max hours reached)


Pellets 2 Heat only supplies biomass boilers that have been designed to the highest standards and tested throughout Europe, however not all boilers are built to such high quality, and from time to time things may go awry.  It is best to get a qualified installer to investigate any issues you may have as they will have experience of dealing with biomass boilers that other maintenance companies may not.

Even if we did not install your biomass boiler we know how urgent it can be to get your boiler working again and we will try to help anyone having problems with a biomass boiler across central Scotland and Northern England.

Help is at hand

Get in touch to arrange a biomass boiler service or for help with maintaining or repairing your boiler. Call us free on 0330 22 33 868 or email us your requests.