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Smart Heating Controls

Use smart thermostats to enjoy a warm home and reduced energy bills.

Radiator controller

What are smart heating controls?

Smart heating controls optimise the way you heat your home by maximising efficiency and ensuring you only heat your home when you need to. In a traditional home, you’ve usually got just one thermostat to measure the temperature for the whole house. This is usually placed in a hallway where it’s colder than the rest of the house, meaning you don’t get a true reflection of the temperature in your home.

Did you know that approximately 60% of your energy bill comes from heating your home?
With some smart thermostats you can choose to take control of your heating from your smartphone or simply let it get on with things automatically in the background. The best bit? It cuts down your heating bills!

Intelligent heating solutions allow you to control the temperature in each and every room of your home. This is called ‘zoning’ your heating. Instead of your home being one big zone, you can have as many individual zones as you choose.

Isn’t it time you stopped paying to heat a room that you’re not using? If you only sit in your living room in the evenings, why waste money heating it in the mornings? Or if you go to the gym on the way home from work on Thursdays, the house would delay switching on the heating by half an hour. There’s no need to faff about with adjusting thermostats every time either – simply set the schedule once and it will run automatically. If you want to boost the temperature, simply open up the app or press the ‘boost’ button on your radiator valve.

Zoned heating controlled from your phone

Smart Heating

How we can help

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