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Log Boilers

Information on log-fuelled boilers.

How do log boilers work?

A modern log-fuelled boiler operates in the same manner as a wood pellet heating system in that it is fuelled by  wood and can provide space and water heating.

Typically, you would fill the boiler with a quantity of logs, which would then burn for many hours. Log boilers require more manual intervention than pellet or chip boilers and significantly more space for storing large volumes of wood fuel.

There are many different types of log boilers available from the modern Strebel Turbotech pictured to a more traditional log stove which can have a back boiler attached. Boilers that can run on both pellets and logs are also available.

A more traditional log burning stove tends to sit within a living space and is fed by hand through a door at the front. A log burning boiler differs in that it is connected to a home heating and/or hot water system. A log boiler is usually situated in a utility room as for other boilers.

Log boilers tend to require more regular maintenance than wood pellet boilers, with daily loading of logs and emptying of the ash pan.

To be eligible for domestic RHI payments a log burner is required to provide, at a minimum, space heating for the home.

Biotech log boiler HVZ25L - modern and efficient log heating.

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