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Commercial Wood Pellet & Wood Chip Boilers

Information on commercial biomass boilers.

How do commercial biomass boilers work?

Commercial biomass boilers operate in the same way as domestic biomass boilers but are designed on a larger scale. You will probably be using more fuel, and need a larger store. Fuel type can be pellets or wood chips. Multiple boilers can be arranged to ensure failover and continual heat during scheduled boiler maintenance.

In some cases, commercial premises will have the space to take delivery of wood chips tipped from a lorry  into a fuel store instead of pellets blown from a tanker. Whichever wood fuel is used will be fed automatically from the store via a vacuum system,  auger (screw mechanism), or sometimes gravity.

The heat generated in a commercial biomass boiler heating system can be used to heat multiple buildings and/or large hot water supplies as required. Heat meters can be used to apportion heating costs across multiple buildings.

Biotech are an award winning Austrian company that focuses on developing the most efficient and environmentally sound biomass boilers of the highest quality.

Biotech use the revolutionary Dual Combustion Control (DCC) ® technology throughout its range of pellet boilers. The DCC technology uses a combination of air flow sensors to automatically detect the quality of the pellet fuel and adjusts the combustion parameters accordingly, resulting in up to 30% increased efficiency of pellet consumption as well as reducing emissions.

Biotech boilers are 96.3% efficient which is exceptional.

Biotech have a full range of boilers up to 100kW that allow us to provide the best boiler for your needs including premises with larger heat demands. Multiple boilers can be cascaded alongside one another to provide greater capacities and/or failover.

A Biotech HZ150 commercial wood chip boiler
Image of dual Okofen boiler and dual fuel store arrangement.
OkeFEN touch control screen
Okofen pellet heating logo
OkoFEN has been focused on making quality wood pellet boilers since 1997 and uses technology that has been tried and tested for reliability and ease of use.

The OkoFEN Pellematic heating systems are both flexible and adaptable. There is a multitude of boiler and fuel store arrangements possible to ensure the perfect amount of heat is always available.

Their engineers are focused on continuous technological advancement which has led to breakthroughs in optimised combustion, efficient condensing technology and user-friendly systems like the Pelletronic Touch heating controller.

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MCS approved

All our boiler products are accredited to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, or MCS, in the UK to ensure that consumers are able to access UK government financial incentive schemes for renewable energy.

Having an MCS approved biomass system is a quality criteria for the government’s RHI funding.

To find our more about opportunities for grants and interest free loans for renewable energy read our pages on funding.

MCS logo

How much does it cost?

Several factors impact the cost of installing a biomass boiler, in particular:

  • How much heat your premises need determines the size of your boiler
  • What volume of fuel can you store? – large bulk deliveries are cheapest but need larger fuel stores
  • Do you have existing hot water tanks that can be reused? Perhaps a buffer tank with hot water coil would be more efficient?
  • Is your heating system suitable for connection? Most wet central heating systems can be connected, but the considerations for underfloor heating are different to those for radiators.

Bear in mind that 85% of the life cost of a heating system is in fuel – so consider how your fuel will be sourced, delivered and stored to reduce whole-of-life costs.

The space required for a biomass boiler is greater than equivalent fossil fuel boilers, and you may require building work to ensure you have the space for your boiler and wood fuel.

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How we can help

We know that the installation of a new heating system is a major undertaking and requires significant consideration. To help you through the process we can:

  • work out how much money a biomass heating system could save you.
  • support you in applying for funding to assist with the cost of installation.
  • design a biomass heating system that will be most effective for your home.
  • manage the ongoing maintenance and servicing requirements of your boiler.

If you invest in a well-made biomass boiler system you can expect low maintenance for many years.